Monday, June 7, 2010

Brand confusion - cleaning your brand house

We all know that companies tend to specialize. You want a really good submarine sandwich you go to Subway. You want great chicken you go to Church's Chicken etc.

When it comes to business to business, we tend to hire our suppliers the same way. A company that has the word "production" in its' title, or "radio" in its' title specializes in those areas.

However, in consumer rollout, what about a company like Virgin, that has a myriad of products? Airlines, music, cell phones. They created a cache around the "master brand" and marketed spin off companies that all work off the master brand.

Virgin radio, Virgin mobile, Virgin air. It's a simple way of leveraging the mystique of founder Richard Branson and his modern day Howard Hughes pioneer spirit. People love a winner, and Branson comes off being one. He's a rugged, intelligent, successful family man who isn't afraid to take risks.

Having said all that, it's still necessary to create visual separation.
Note how all the brands carry into the master brand logo, but still have their own individual colour and font sets. Although Virgin Red is the prevailing colour.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Radio

Trump Enterprises operates under the same premise. Coming up tomorrow - broadcast and social media hi-lights of the week.

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