Monday, June 14, 2010

Brand building "the cliff"

In a world of limited attention span, we hear this again and again from prospective clients. I want you to put as much communication into this website, print ad, radio spot as you possibly can. Our message is important.

Our reply is always, "which message?" Before we even come to the table and talk with clients about whether we're a good fit, we ask the client to run through a brief questionnaire. This enables us to know where the company is at in their brand evolution, and their level of sophistication. And more importantly, whether they have the mindset it takes to allow us to help them. This may sound self-aggrandizing but we believe in our ability to help a new client, as long as the client opens up to us and keeps their mind wide open. It's not about the size of the client's current business. It's about the size of their imagination, and ability to dream.

Rigidity is the key to extinction. When the dodo birds refused to change their habit of walking up to, and falling off a cliff, it didn't take a brand expert to predict their species wasn't long for this world.

Similarly a client who refuses to acknowledge that social media should now be an integral part of their brand will also be not far behind the dodo at the cliff's edge.

Tomorrow, design corner. Let it breathe.

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