Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Website - Building the house Part 6

Today on Part 6 of "Website - building the house" we look at the process.

We are assuming we now have a signed off sitemap that the client feels comfortable with and is ready to move forward.

Next step, and some say the most important one, is to start building a tempsite. What's the difference between a temp site and a final site?
Temp sites are just images, jpegs or png files saved in a temporary folder on a server that your client can view. The images are saved in the same size as the soon to be website. This way your client gets to:
a) see how the site will look in a web brower so they can step back, sleep on it, and see if this "feels right".

b) you save your team the time of coding everything until you know that the visual look and direction is what your client really wants to go with.

I can't stress how important this is. Once you start coding the site, this becomes a very time consuming part of the task. You have to ensure that the site is cross browser compliant.
Microsoft Explorer alone presents a huge problem because earlier browser versions such as 6.0 require much more tender loving care code than newer versions of Explorer. Then you want to make sure the site is Safari friendly for Macs. Mozilla has become a very popular browser as well that can't be ignored. Beyond that there's Opera, Chrome and even Netscape still for a small number of visitors.

The time that goes into making your site friendly eats away at the time you could better dedicate to tweaking the visual brand, creating meaningful content and SEO preparation.

Tomorrow - SEO. Top tips to think about as you "rebuild".


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