Thursday, May 13, 2010

Website - Building the house Part 3

Yesterday we touched on how writing your website site map can help you focus on your core business attributes. So let's run down what we have so far.

Our FlowerShop, Acme Flowers specializes in beautiful, award winning floral arrangements for weddings. That will be in our keywords opening paragraph. We also specialize in flowers for funerals, birthdays, anniversaries. We accept all major credit cards, and deliver. And we're located in three locations around the city. So our site map can look as follows:

HOME Awards Occasions Choose your arrangement Locations Contact us

Home - As mentioned above, this opening paragraph is the text that people first see when they come on your site. As well, this is the text that Google and other engines capture and post when your site comes up in natural search queries.
As well, to impress on the visitor this is a secure site you'll want your SSL logos prominently displayed as well.

You'll want to have Credit card icons on the main page as well as your phone number, preferably a toll free one, prominently displayed.

Awards - You'll go into the awards you have won, with well appointed pictures and press releases.

Occasions - you'll talk about all the occasions you prepare flowers for - with sub pages such as weddings, parties, showers, funerals etc You'll have a link that takes you to Choose your Arrangement so it flows into the Conversion page.

Choose Your Arrangement - Here we'll have beautifully taken photos of your most popular arrangements placed in order of price and occasion.

Locations - Tie in with Googlemap to make it even easier to find you.

Contact us - A major phone number, head office mailing address and email and perhaps your company positioning statement.

If you choose to have an about us page make sure it's not redundant with Contact us or information on the main home page.

Tomorrow is Creative Excellence Fridays. Coming up on Monday we'll continue with Building the House Part 4. Have a great Thursday.

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