Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Website - Building the house Part 2

Yesterday we talked about the importance of planning your new website not just for aesthetics, but also with SEO in mind. You dont' want one to drag down the other. They must work together in harmony, but, as mentioned yesterday, the most important aspect for your potential visitor, and search engines, is to create a site filled with quality content. That way everybody wins.

Having said that, what is the process? It stems much further than creating a website. It goes right back to the product itself.

Step 1.
The content. The sitemap.
This is an excellent exercise because it forces you to focus on your business model and detemine what your real product or service is and what is most important to you and your potential clientele.

The Unique Selling Proposition.

Let's say you're creating a site for a flower shop. Pour over all the competitors sites. See what they are offering. Try and get a common denominator. Look over your client's business model. What flowers/plants are the most profitable. What are your competitors leaving out? What unique service or product do you offer that no one else is offering. Is it a superior knowledge of plants and flowers mixed with extra customer service? The best price does not create a business model you can sustain a long term business with; it just sets you up to always be looking for suppliers who will in turn undercut their suppliers and so on.

There is an excellent commercial for Scotts Turf Builder on television right now. Young home owner wants to have a better lawn. He consults his father in law who insists he take back that "other stuff" to the store he bought it from and buy Scotts Turf Builder because "they don't use fillers". Superior positioning of the product creates an excellent "star stage" for the website. That you can build a business around, and for these purposes, a website.

Tomorrow - more on sitemaps and their importance.


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