Monday, May 3, 2010

McDonalds is Lovin' it & Social Media Essentials

After more than a year of consumer research and agency brainstorming, McDonald's global chief marketing officer unveiled an updated take on its now 7-year-old "I'm Lovin' It" campaign last week before an audience of 15,000 franchisees, marketers and suppliers.

"I'm Lovin' It" is now the company's most successful and longest-running campaign, surpassing the iconic "You deserve a break today," and "Food, Folks and Fun," both in longevity and sales gains. The tagline actually predates CMO Mary Dillon, who took over McDonald's global marketing in 2005. "If you look at the business success, there would have been no reason" for changing the campaign, she said in a subsequent interview, "except for ego."

Fast food franchises have been rolling with the punches and changing their menu's more than Lady Gaga changes outfits, experimenting with more natural, healthy food choices. But the end result has been healthy increases and reduced share loss.

And as promised on Friday's Creative Excellence blog - another entry in "Social Media Branding essentials"

Social Media is about reaching out your tenacles to as many cyber posts as possible and have them all point back to you. It's that simple.
But, as in life, when you reach out, people won't always want to reach back.
How do you achieve lift off?
There's no golden success formula. But one thing is simple, come up with a good idea, THEN tell the world, and watch the bubble.

Case in point; a few weeks back when blogger Jennifer McCreight challenged women around the world to show cleavage and see if woman's breasts were really responsible for the natural disasters of the world, as Iranian clergy claimed.
So far 105,000 people have joined the facebook page and countless others have purchased the Boobquake tshirts Booquake

It's proof that a fun, unique idea can rally people in large numbers; and that's what social media is all about no?

See you Tuesday.

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