Friday, May 21, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Hotels & the Return of the Griswalds

As we prepare for the long weekend in Canada and perhaps the great weekend getaway, today Creative Excellence Fridays looks at hotels.

Thanks to Julie Epplett from Conference Direct for the source link to the Hyatt campaign.

The Hyatt started this online campaign a few years back and continues to add to the online library. Using their Youtube channel, it allows them not to be constrained to 30 or 60 seconds, which allows the comedy troupe time to really have fun with these spots.

Using the same troupe players, this next spot embodies everything wrong that could happen in an ill fated conference call.

If you were a fan of the National Lampoon movies featuring Chevy Chase and the Griswalds, you'll see the genious in this next piece. is sort of an Expedia for timeshares. It's an online source for vacation properties around the world. They decided to bring back the Griswalds circa 2010 and produce a short film to promote their url. It's very well done. If you enjoy the trailer, stop over at the main site and watch the whole short film.

Salut for today. Have a great long weekend!

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