Friday, April 30, 2010

Ontrack Communications Creative Excellence Fridays - Premium beer branding

Welcome to our weekly rally for creative excellence. An ongoing problem with any product life cycle, is how to appeal to demographics as they enter the buyer cycle, while not losing the long time loyal. Because brand perception is so crucial with beer this exercise is even more crucial. Colt45 became so relevant to 70's icons that they found it difficult to evolve the brand.

This commercial makes me smile every time when I hear the line "The Power of Colt 45. It works every time." It's about as subtle as a bag of hammers.

Let's look at two beers who have done an excellent job refreshing their brand. First, Stella Artois. This brand has been creating classy, elevated brand advertising for years and somehow manages to stay fresh. Stella doesn't seem to be concerned. Their "polished" approach appears to appeal to the established, premium beer older demo as well as the younger beer drinker looking to step away from their college dorm beer.

The production values are excellent in this piece. Produced by "Mother" in Britain they pull out all the stops. If Belgium had a James Bond, he would look like this.

Heinekin has also done an excellent job hanging on to the affluent upper demo, while attracting new beer drinkers. You've probably seen the commercial with the women getting so excited over the walk in closet, followed by the men screaming about the walk in beer closet.
Here is the "prequel" to that commercial.

Corny, sure. But it works.

Coming up on Monday, more on Social media Brand Building. Have a great weekend!

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