Friday, April 16, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Reebok shows Nike how its' done

Last week's Creative Excellence Fridays diatribe against Nike brought heated opinions for and against. The die hard marketers echoed, "Nike's goal was to create buzz and viral, and they accomplished that task." My argument is, as a pure branding exercise, the emotion I took away was not a positive one. And I wasn't alone in my distaste for it. It wasn't the Tiger ad that was a top viral this past week, but the Tiger ad satires. Again, perhaps Nike wins in the free name exposure; but below, Reebok shows them how it can really be done well.

Playoffs are underway in the NHL. Even if you're not a sports fan, you can appreciate this viral story from Sydney Crosby. I think even non Canadians are enamoured with his sincerity and genuine warmth as an unpretentious, extremely talented young millionaire.

Here, Sydney goes back to his childhood home in Nova Scotia, to the same basement he grew up in, and takes shots. While his parents explain, the "ping" means he hit the post. The thud means he hit the back of the dryer.

As a young boy he spent hours in a similar basement, shooting pucks and desecrating garage doors and basement walls, I get this. Reebok gets this. At our shop we have a term known as successfully flipping the passion switch. Reebok wins. Hands down.

Next week, an inspiring piece for fans and non sports fans alike. Have a great weekend!

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