Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Legally Speaking

Today on Creative Excellence Fridays we look at the legal community. And I guarantee if our first piece of creative doesn't make you raise a few eyebrows you've watched way too much late night tv.

Rules of advertising this group vary from country to country; and like any other brand, the ways different lawyers choose to put their message across varies greatly.
Outside of ethics board considerations, the overall brand of the law office is at stake. Acquiring legal services is not one of the more pleasurable purchases we make and the firm has to appeal to the emotion of the moment.

Here is what the law community has to contend with. Lowell "the Hammer" Stanley.

How can you not want to hire a lawyer with a credible phone number like 459-CASH.

We recently worked with a group from California called Injury Solutions. They gave us a storyboard and asked us to cast and shoot a commercial for their Canadian launch. They wanted a commercial that communicated a competitive spirit and professionalism, as well as a positive, uplifting brand message. Our task was to shoot a Canadian and American version as well. (Canadian with the flowing robe, US without)

Canadian Version

Special mention goes to stunt actor Bart Badziok (seen in centre) who did this crash tumble no less than 29 times. And after each time we said to him "Holy #@! are you SURE you're alright?"

Coming up on Monday we'll discuss the new privacy ramifications of Google's expanded network. Have a great weekend.

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