Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking your website to the next level Part 4

Today in Part 4 of taking your website to the next level we look at Mac vs PC.
This isn't about a chubby uncool guy and a cool hip guy standing side by side arguing over how Mac is better. The reality is they both co-exist and your website should look appealing through the various browsers.
Mac tends to use Safari or Mozilla, PC business users tend to use the default browser that comes with a PC, Explorer.

As you research this you come across a term, cross platform compatibility. One of Microsoft's cruel little jokes they played on humanity was Explorer 6.0. The code was such that it was nearly impossible to have a complex coded site appear on other browsers the same way it appeared on 6.0. This problem has been somewhat corrected in subsequent versions but there are still issues.

If you're not an advanced coder you may want to hire a company to assist with this all important part of your website development. That's why it's important at this stage to make sure you have your website content and look finalized. Because each time you need to go back to the developer, he or she will require more money to do the arduous cross platform browser capability testing and tweaking.

A handy link to see how your current site appears across the board is here Any Browser

Coming up next time, broken links and real text.

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