Monday, March 22, 2010

Social media nightmare - Nestle

We all agree that social media is here to stay. Interfacing with grandkids and friends on Facebook has become as common place as picking up the phone. Facebook Nestle

But when a corporate Facebook account goes as wrong as Nestle's did last week, it gives pause for thought. If you follow the thread of posts on Friday, you start to see where choosing the person to respond to customer posts is key in the success or ultimate failure of social media.

The individual responding should do the following:

Be helpful, courteous, polite and most importantly agree to pass on any concerns to a higher power. When the social media corporate response person fuels topics into a debate that causes the stream of posts you see here, that person is completely inappropriate for that position.

It also goes to show that having an aptitude for social media is not enough. Public relations and social media departments need to be joined at the hip with clear cut policies for issue handling that will distinguish issues before they spread out of control. It's true, some fires will spread no matter what. But how you handle them is paramount to the success for failur of the campaign.

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