Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SEO Wednesdays - Ontrack Communications

Today part 1 in a series of checklist tips to keep in mind when looking at your website.

Everyone wants their site to be THE site your market/audience finds and drops by on a regular basis. Here are 2 quick tips to start the wheels in motion in making that happen.

Rule #1
Your website is like highschool. The more popular you are, the better. The more people who link to your site (incoming links), the more google regards it as a destination worth visiting.

Rule #2
Keep an organized pantry.
If you go into a store and everything is placed all over the place with no structure or logic, you get frustrated and soon leave. If you have a choice of going to store a, the organized store, or store b, you'll choose a every time.
Websites work the same way. If the visitor finds what they're looking for, they'll appreciate stopping by more often. And Google and Bing feel the same way. If they are able to find searchable text, Alt attribute text, and keyword-containing hyperlinks that support terms used on the page they'll rank you higher than your competition.


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