Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sally Hogshead - The Jagermeister

Last week at the Art of Marketing Seminar Sally Hogshead spoke about Jagermeister. She asked: "Who has drank Jagermeister?"
Many put their hands up. "Who likes the taste of Jagermeister?"
Very few put their hands up.

The point she was making was that this is a beverage that's consumed as part of an environment, an experience; not for the taste. It's consumed when people are in full party mode and generally already well on their way to feeling no pain.

It also proves that, with the right "emotional hook" you can sell almost any product when you surround the right combination of experiences and "sense memory".

At Ontrack, we have always acknowledged our primary driving force is to build the hook around a primary unique selling proposition of the product, and determine the "emotional trigger."

Sally talked about some other trigger points for why people make decisions.

1.Mysticque - the lure of unanswered questions.
2.Power - controls and tells us how to act.
3.Lust - creating a craving, an openess.
4.Alarm - threatens negative consequences.
5.Prestige - Who doesn't want to own the best.
6.Vice - tweaking convention.
7.Trust - Personal relationships built over time.

And finally, to tie in with the title of her new book "Fascinate" we couldn't agree more with Sally's final point; be fascinating on Google. When we set up clients with their SEO we know how important it is to have that little group of words that defines them perfectly chosen. For future customers, their very first band exposure will come from their first experience from the little Google search window.

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