Friday, March 26, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays | finding the next great job

As we work our way through our careers occasionally we ponder about next opportunities. Enter the online job sites. There have been quite a few appear in the market place in the last ten years. It's difficult to make your brand stand out from the pack. Humour has been used effectively in this category.
Career has been featured in the past in this space and today they make their second appearance with a series of new and older creative.

The goal of course is to try and establish water cooler talk and viral buzz.
Have you ever felt like you were on an island and no one "got you" ? Imagine how this woman feels.

And just in case that commercial didn't hammer things home, try this one.

Someone very wise once said, put kids or cute animals into your commercial and people will remember you. I think cute monkeys gets you bonus points.

And finally, the commercial billed "too hot for tv". It's a bit locker room and not everyone's humour to be sure. However, you can rest assured this will go viral.

These commercials are extremely entertaining. Our concern, would be the minor focus on the brand at the end. But with a proper media concentration and the feel good factor they would definitely translate into positive ripples; especially if the campaign is mirrored by out of home and static transit visual reminders so the logo has uninterrupted association with the already established television and online creative.

And let's face it, if it goes viral, the success quotient for brand retention tends to be high from sheer repetition.

Comments and suggestions for Creative Excellence Fridays are always welcome. Coming up Monday, more on "taking your website to the next level." Have a great weekend!

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