Friday, March 12, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Coke and Bubble Tweet

Happy Friday all. We know some of you are experiencing spring break with family. For the rest being left behind, below is a commercial from Coca Cola that definitely feeds you with some summer fever. Coca Cola's Australian division took the reigns on this one. All I want to know is, where do they sell those wind machines???

Next up, it's been getting a lot of buzz this week. It's BUBBLETWEET. What is BubbleTweet? It's a video add on to your regular tweets page. And a lot of people are quickly jumping on the band wagon. You can record up to 30 seconds of video of yourself, or upload a 30 second clip of any video you have on your computer to a Bubbletweet posting page. You can then in turn load that tweet up on your regular Twitter or even Facebook page. What is the purpose? Well, finally the web has an answer for the age old question "How do you write sarcasm into a line of text?"

Here's an example of a BubbleTweet loaded up by someone recently. It's a series of outtakes from CSI Special Victims unit.

Celebrities like Donnie Wahlberg are hopping onto this because it allows them to make a more human connection with their fans. The same can be said for anyone reaching out to contacts and associates in business.

Have a great weekend.

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