Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well if you're looking for "alternative" ways to advertise your product, consider "Billy the Billboard". Billy is a boxer who tatoos logos on his body, for a price.
Here is Billy's Letter to the Advertisers.

My name is Billy Gibby but I go by the name Billythebillboard I am an undefeated boxer, kidney donor and human billboard thats right. I have 19 permenent tattoo advertisements for various websites and hope to get into the guiness world record books one day for most area of ones body covered in tattoo ads and would love to advertise for you as well with a permenent tattoo ad. Right now I am advertising for 2 websites on my forehead 3 on my neck 2 on my cheeks the one on my neck is for Liberty tax service. so far let me know if your interested it would litterally be seen by millions and get great media attention as well. I can send you press I have been in the past just let me know. I have 2 tattoo ads that are on my cheeks soon my face cheeks I would love to add your website to my head as well or somewhere else on my face or head. this would get great coverage I have thousands of friends on myspace and on my tattoo page I have over 30 thousand page hits and have been on the site for only a month or so. I also have around 6 thousand friends on my myspace page and pics would be posted on both those sites as well as on my facebook and the ad would be seen at all my boxing matches as well. Also it will be seen daily by everyone I see who can miss a tattoo on someones face? Espeacially a cool website like yours. It would get great media coverage as well. I am also writing a blog post for tattooblog each week about my adventures in tattoo advertising and each week I write a post with photos of each website I advertise for and say good things about the site that tattoo blog gets 30 thousand hits a month. I would be happy to send you articles and links to the press i have been in also you can google my name Billy gibby or billythebillboard as well to get information to.I have been in newspapers aroung the country as well as business weekly, bizzar magazine, rebel ink magazine, san diego tribune, contra costa times, anchorage daily news, and news shows as well I would be happy to send you links to all my sites just let me know. Prices for head tattoo advertisements are 800 for my head-thats a tattoo ad of your website on my head for life I am negotiable on price chest is 700 arm is 400 cost of the tattooing is included in the above prices as well these are also lifetime advertisements as well another advertising method I offer is legally changing my name to the website of your choice for life. So when I am in newspapers,tv,magazines, entering the boxing ring my name will be the website or name you give me the price for that is 4,000.

Somehow I doubt Hallmark cards will be buying space on Billy's pecs.

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