Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Superbowl winners and losers

We're a few weeks past the Superbowl. But with that kind of expenditure, companies expect to leverage positive brand experience for the entire year. Who were the big winners this year? According to an independent polling company, Doritos was the huge winner, followed closely by Denny's and E-trade. Losers? Volkswagon, Ford and Snickers to name a few. What makes a knock out spot that lands one out of the park? Well Buzz. Not the controversial Buzz that Google is handling right now, but pure street and internet buzz. The water cooler factor. It's as difficult to bottle as genius itself, but marketers with their ears close to the tracks manage to figure out a way to "get it done" year after year using traditional and new e-methods at hand.

Here's the article that inspired today's blog Superbowl winners and losers

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