Monday, February 22, 2010

I've created a social media monster!

First, I have to mention a site I heard about on CBC this morning and read about in PCMagazine. It's called It's a site that uses social media updates to determine when someone is not home, thus making it easier to rob them. It's done in fun but Twitter didn't appreciate the "humour" and shut down their twitter account.

Details here Please Rob Me

Now today's blog topic. I've created a monster. When a new initiative is started, especially something receiving as much buzz as Social Media, companies will attack it with a vengeance. The Facebook page goes up, then the Twitter, then the YouTube, perhaps a Digg page. Everyone steps back and says, nice job. Then time starts ticking away and there is no clearly defined game plan in place as to who will be maintaining all these media. A social media platform is like a home; if you don't maintain it, people won't want to visit.

Ontrack Communications provides a social media program which includes options to train appropriate staff internally, or a program is provided where maintenance is included with updates according to the frequency necessary for your product category. We think it's crucial that whoever update social media, have a clear understanding of your product, brand and service, because the content needs to be well researched, interesting and not a hard sell. A properly designed social media program should:
1.Reinforce your brand.
2.Create a comfortable "living room" that people will want to drop into.
3.Soft sell your services so you'll want to do business with this company when the time comes.

A proper social media program recognizes everyone's time is short, so creating an environment that does all of the above has to be carefully orchestrated over time.

Have a great Monday.

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