Friday, February 26, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Like a Virgin...Air

In the past we've featured different airline companies on Creative Excellence Fridays including Jet Blue and New Zealand Air.

Today a look at Virgin Atlantic. The brand has long been an edgy leader using controversial messaging which on occasion ruffles more than a few feathers.
We featured Virgin Mobile back in December with some concerns about direction and whether the lines they blurred really built on the brand.

But with the Virgin Air product I have to say I think they really nailed it. The promotion is intended to use humour to get across the point that upper business class is available for business class prices. There are a series of "interviews"; all done on simple, but dramatic black drop. A perfectly cast interviewer with just the right amount of crack in his voice asks the questions.
Agency - Young & Rubicam New York.

Below, an older piece of creative that shows the genesis of the brand. This piece was crafted to take your mind off price, and focus on living in the moment. And if you're going to travel, you should travel with the company that helps you live life to the fullest. The spirit of this ad is very much in keeping with the founder Richard Branson. Brilliantly done.

That's it for today. For our Canadian friends, Go Team Canada verses Slovak tonight!
Have a great weekend.

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