Thursday, February 11, 2010

Canwest TV study on Women

Canwest has released a new study on women's TV viewing habits. With some interesting findings.

According to a new Canwest Broadcasting and Solutions Research Group (SRG) report released today on women's TV viewing habits of specialty channels, there is a disconnect between the measurement of channels watched, the ones to which attention was actually paid and, most importantly for marketers, the channels on which viewers were most receptive to advertising.

Since the introduction of BBM Canada's Portable People Meter, which saw overall TV viewership jump thanks to the new system's use of multiple family members in one home and its ability to travel with viewers out-of-home, broadcasters and advertisers alike have looked at ways to clarify certain numbers.

As with the new radio people meter, there will be a period of adjustment before buyers are convinced the results are at least reasonably accurate.

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