Friday, January 8, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - The Virgin Experience

Welcome to the first installment of Creative Excellence Fridays for 2010. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and your creative juices are flowing for the coming year.

I'll start off the blog with a question. As we move further into the new Millenium, are the boundaries becoming more blurred? Are people relaxing about language and situations that at one time were an automatic taboo?

Case in point. In Marketing this week, there was a story about how both a Calgary and Mississauga transit system pulled the Virgin Mobile ads because of complaints. Mississauga Transit had two complaints.

Here are the ads.

Fearless ads

Do share your thoughts on these. I'll release the results next Friday. Yay or neigh.

And just to add a little more food for thought, the television creative that accompanies the transit is below. Heavily stylized and, appropriate to the demographic it's more a music video than anything. Not particularly clever, but beautifully shot.

Coming up on Monday's Ontrackblog, Dominos Pizza released a viral earlier this week which was featured on the Colbert Report. We'll discuss the pros and cons of full disclosure.

Have a great weekend!

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