Friday, January 15, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Coca Cola triumph & Renegade Olympics Campaigns

With all the talk lately of taking soda/pop out of schools, Coca Cola felt it needed to go right to the source of the controversy. Parents and health officials have been lobbying to have sugar beverages taken out of cafeterias and schools and replacing them with healthier drinks. Regardless of which side of the issue you sit, this brilliant viral piece will make you smile, I guarantee it.

As the Olympics draw closer, marketers are starting to put their wagons in a circle. Commentator Micael Hlinka had a great piece of CBC this morning talking about renegade advertisers; advertisers who don't belly up to the bar with the sponsorship money for the Olympics, but attempt to piggy back on the momentum.
Royal Bank is the official sponsor of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, however Bank of Nova Scotia just announced a promotion featuring Canadian Olympic darling Cassie Campbell.
Another example was the 96 Olympics in which Rebok shelled out millions to be the official sponsor, but Nike simply bought every billboard in Atlanta. Millions "thought" Nike ruled the show when in fact they just made some smart, strategic decisions.

From the international library - a new Nike ad from Barcelona. It's dark and raw and very Nike. CREDITS
Agency: Villarrosas, Barcelona Creative Director: Frank Hahn Copywriter: Sharon Cleary Art Director: Chrisrophe Pugmire

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