Friday, January 29, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Airline Wars

Welcome to Creative Excellence Fridays.

Using sex to sell is not new. Nor is the idea of nudity in commercials to attract attention and word of mouth. After all, I'm writing about now.
In a recent promotional campaign, New Zealand Airlines decided to "bare their souls" with a campaign called "nothing to hide". The general idea was to create commercials and virals that had flight stewards take it all off, and have their uniforms body painted on. Then serve customers and record the reactions. This was all done with actors but it looks very convincing.

To get further mileage from this, New Zealand Airlines then challenged South West Airlines in the US to come up with something even better. In my opinion, they didn't. But the link below does illustrate that SouthWest staff do inject a lot of their own personalities into their jobs, and anything that prevents service from being cookie cutter and generic is never a bad thing.
And the idea of two separate companies creating and leveraging two separate viral and social media campaigns pointing to each other is a win win too.

Coming up on the blog next week, we're going to continue to follow the repercussions of the IPAD on the advertising and social media industry and delve into how Apple seems to have mastered the art of creating a buzz. Have a great weekend.

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