Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thurs adnews & Hot viral of the week

Rogers Communications Inc. says a B.C. judge has ruled Bell Mobility’s claim that it has Canada’s most reliable network is false and misleading and has called for immediate removal of all advertising containing the statement.

Toronto-based Rogers launched legal action against Bell Canada and Bell Mobility on Dec.1 after losing its own battle against Telus over its own claim to be Canada’s most reliable network.

Rogers argued before a B.C. court that data suggesting Bell’s network is the most reliable and fastest is misleading because it was compiled before the commercial launch of its upgraded network.

It also argued that Bell Mobility cannot promote its network as being Canada’s largest, because it is shared with Telus Corp.

Rogers is also taking aim at Bell’s claims to have the “best” and “most powerful network” because it says those statements are not quantifiable.

In Viral news - One of the hottest virals this week celebrates the 25th anniversary of Virgin Atlantic Airlines . A great salute to 1984 and to an airline that celebrates sexy.

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