Thursday, December 3, 2009

Microsites Part 4 - Clear the clutter

In part 4 of our look at Microsites, it's agreed by all industry experts, clutter.... bad. No matter what the advertising vehicle, one of the hardest things for a client to do is focus on the message. We have to remember that, even though a business has a myriad of sales points, you want to focus on one part of your business in your microsite.

Some simple rules come into play.
1.If the visitor has to work to find what they're looking for, they're gone.
2.If you clutter up the microsite with too many items it will feel like a construction zone. And no one enjoys navigating through those.
3.Any delay is a one way ticket to your competitor's site and product.

And finally, Entry Pop-ups. Bad. What are entry pop ups? Those annoying little windows that pop up and float around the screen asking for a call-to-action. They are the equivalent of the loud guy at the party who demands to be the centre of attention even though he's done nothing to deserve it.

Tomorrow on Creative Excellence Fridays - a past entry is banned because of complaints of sexism.


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