Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Microsites Part 2

So why bother with a microsite? The whole point is to drive customers to your product or service correct? The microsite helps you test and focus on different areas of your business. Perhaps you're selling those bungie blankets. You want to appeal to both an older demographic and a younger demographic. By having two separate microsites you can use different key words and different looks to target those two very diverse demographics. Ultimately your goal is the magic trilogy. Acquisition, Conversion and Retention.

Acquisition - to get people to your website or landing page.
Conversion - Convincing them to take the desired action.
Retention - Build a more meaningful relationship with the customer which potentially could last a lifetime.

One of the ways to increase your SEO website traffic is to have important and credible sites in your industry link back to you. Links are usually requested from the webmasters of other sites. You get in touch with them and ask them to add a relevant link back to your site from the appropriate spot on their site. This can definitely result in higher rankings.

Tomorrow - Banner and text ads and how they work with microsites.

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