Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Phone

What is the fascination with Google? Probably it's the fact that they continue to bring in the finest minds available and set aside a certain percentage of every work week to allow those individuals to come up with new ways to conquer the digital world.
So what's next for Google? Mobile is where it's at, so it only makes sense Google would jump into the game.

With all the attention Google's plan to launch its own phone is receiving, a sensible question remains: Why, when it makes billions off the high-margin business of search and online advertising, would it want to jump into creating a mobile handset?

Google's fortunes come from advertising, making money off eyeballs and user experience. As the online world matures and growth from advertising revenue slows, Google is looking to reap ad dollars from mobile. Net expert EMarketer has online advertising revenue growing 6% next year, compared to 40% for mobile.

The new Google phone has a few bells and whistles to shout about-- from the promises of visual search to using voice commands to find stuff -- it makes sense that Google wants to have a direct hand in accelerating the promise of these applications and control the user's experience with them.

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