Friday, December 18, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays - Mobius Best of Show and Up

Recently Dave Boire of DBAudio included me in the Toronto judging panel to choose the top international television/cinema creative for the Mobius 2009 awards.
We all agreed, a Canadian commercial, GM Cadillac - Film Festival, was the best of show. Congratulations to the creative team behind this. I recall seeing it at the opening of several film festival screenings and I never tired of seeing it again. There are a few in the series. Here is -- Crazy Scream.

Now - the Slap.

And finally - Tied Up.

The campaign was designed to tie in with the cachet of the Toronto International Film Festival. As well its' intention was to re-ignite and add some youth branding to the Cadillac name. Nice job.

Have a great weekend.

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