Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rogers challenged in BC and Art Directors Corner

A British Columbia judge has decided Rogers Communications Inc. cannot continue to claim it has “Canada’s Most Reliable” wireless network without qualification.

The judge’s ruling is largely a victory for Telus Corp., which asked for the court to prevent Rogers from continuing to make the long-standing claim.

Telus argued that new networks put in place this month by Telus and Bell Canada made it impossible for Rogers to claim superiority.

Justice Grauer said in his ruling that he agreed with Telus when it argued that Rogers couldn’t make the claim based on information that has become outdated.

However, the judge said he won’t go as far as to order Rogers to pull any advertising or promotional material with the claim and said he wanted to make the scope of the limitation on Rogers as narrow as possible.

“We continue to believe that our network reliability claim is valid and further steps will be taken shortly,” said Rogers spokesperson Odette Coleman. Rogers has also filed an appeal with the B.C. Court of Appeal.

Justice Grauer ordered the two parties to work on the wording for a court order and adjourned the matter until Friday.

Art Directors Corner

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