Monday, November 9, 2009

Digital Agencies leading the way

I watched the season finale of MadMen last night and realized, outside of it being a very good show, that the ad industry has changed tremendously in the last forty years. Agencies in that era were all things to all people. Today we have marketing shops, direct shops, and now digital shops. For some older agency type this may still cause some consternation, however with the passing of Cliff Freeman and Partners, it sheds light on the reality that great creative just isn't enough any more.

Digital agencies specialize in digital. No great earth shattering revelation there. But to do it well is another story. Marketing announced that Toronto's BIMM digital just landed a nice international plumb with Audi. No small feat and congratulations goes out to BIMM. We like to see our industry partners do well, but even more importantly we like to see them hold the torch for how good an international market our Toronto industry has become.


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