Friday, November 20, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays - Shiny Suds

Happy Friday. Today on Creative Excellence Fridays - associations and causes.
You have a cause and you want others to share your view. You can tell them about it, and tell them about it, then tell them again, as is the case with the StopTheTVTax, and Save Local TV campaigns, or you can choose a less direct approach.

Dilemna -- you want to show the public there are nasty chemicals in common household items. An document was declared called the Household Products Labelling Act. How do you spread the word? Through a very well produced, viral piece...with bubbles gone bad.

Credits - Executive Creative Director Ted Royer. Client, Method.

And from the ad archives, a commercial that almost seems like a parody with it's gee whiz aw shucks approach. Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Coming up on Monday, a huge Facebook success story. Have a great weekend!

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