Friday, November 6, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays - Oympics Fever

Happy Friday. Today on Creative Excellence Fridays we look at the long storied history Coca Cola has associating with the Olympics. I remember in college I worked one summer in a Coca Cola plant driving the forklift of 50 bags of sugar up to the giant vat where the secret recipe and several hundred gallons of water were all mixed together to make the magic elixir known as Coca Cola. It was a great summer job and I'll always have a fondness for Coca Cola. But it was also an eye opener that, as great as it tastes, soft drinks are anything but Olympic healthy. There have been no claims that they are; it's just good ol' fashioned "benefit by association" and that's been around as long as Grog the caveman put on the first leopard skin because he thought it might improve his chances with the ladies from the neighbouring village.

Having said that, let's look at this year's offering from Coca Cola tying in with Vancouver's Winter Olympics. Credits go to Cossette Montreal.

Coke has fired up all the marketing bells, whistles, canons and whatever else makes noise for the Vancouver Olympics so expect to see much more from them as the start draws closer.

And finally - not related to the Olympics, a new commercial from the international offerings. A visual treat for the eyes. Kudos to the agency Ignited LLC in Latin America for this work of beauty for Sony Vaio.

Have a great weekend. Ontrackblog runs Monday through Friday throughout the year and we always welcome your comments.

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