Friday, November 13, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays - Gum Gum Flavour Flavour

We have seen countless ads for chewing gum over the years. Some have stayed in our memories long after the gum has faded away.
Today on Creative Excellence Fridays we'll chew on a few past and some current success stories.

Fresh out of the wrapper and into the mouths of thousands of Argentinians this week is Topline Kiss gum. From Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Latin America.
When they say this gum will keep you together, they mean it.

In North American JWThompson has produced a very popular series of commercials for Stride Gum, the "ridiculously long lasting gum". They have hit a resounding note, mostly because they built their main selling point around the gum's greatest selling point, the long lasting flavour. Here is one from the series, and frankly, how can you go wrong having lederhosen in a gum commercial?

Silly right? Harmless? There was another commercial in the series that was launched on web only. After a media journalist found it distasteful it was removed from the stratosphere. Rule one of good PR, if it's not a deal breaker and can deflate a generally positive vibe, just pull the ad in question and move on.

The Stride "goat" commercial is also worth a view.

And how could we do a feature on gum if we don't feature a hall of fame commercial. Who wants gum? I do I do. From 1971.

Not exactly goats and lederhosen is it. That's it for this week. Coming up on Monday, a great site for art directors who have a font fetish. Have a great weekend.

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