Thursday, October 22, 2009

Google to compete with Itunes

Google has partnered with sites Lala and Ilike to provide part of the Itunes experience. A major announcement will be made on Wednesday.

TV Time
Canadians aren't wandering away from the traditional TV as quickly as some thought. Here's an excerpt from this week's Marketing with some interesting data.

"Statistics from BBM Canada suggest the number of hours Canadians spend watching TV each week has remained unchanged. The top-rated show for the third week of September this year, an episode of reality show Survivor, drew 3.2 million viewers. It’s the same number drawn by a C.S.I. episode that topped the ratings during the same week in 2004.

Even members of the gadget-hungry 18-34 age group have remained loyal to the (not-so-small) small screen, spending an average of 21 hours a week watching TV in the last fall-to-spring season. That’s virtually unchanged from the 21.2 hours registered by BBM in the ’04-’05 season.

One reason for the continued TV time is increased multi-tasking. Sure, we’re surfing the web, checking e-mail and updating our Facebook page. But many of us are doing it on a laptop or smartphone while watching TV."

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