Thursday, October 8, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays - Sex sells

Happy Friday and for our Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving weekend.
Today we look at some commercials that go for the cheap laugh, using the oldest device in the book "sex sells". Some of these commercials do make it to air, but with the obligatory editing. The rest? Well they land in the land of the viral where we all pass them around and around.

This is a fun spot for Centrum. With a fun little surprise at the end.

A british commercial for Women's Health magazine. Harmless and still fun, and still banned.

And finally -- nothing particularly clever about this one, but the special effects are, well , interesting.

Coming up on Monday, "What to do with your hands when presenting or on camera." A simple technique that will allow you to focus on what you're saying.

Have a great weekend.

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