Friday, October 23, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays - The hands the hands

Coming up today on Creative Excellence Fridays- the theme is "hands".

I few weeks back I wrote a posting called "What to do with your hands while doing a presentation" It was well received, especially if you have seen yourself on tape after a presentation and thought "was I a robot?" "why are my hands waving up and down like I'm having a seisure?" etc. etc.

Today on Creative Excellence Fridays - being more creative with your hands, on camera.

A while back, out of necessity, we developed a technique called the "The Point Steeple Technique".

You put your hands in front of you about chest level, and touch your finger tips. As you work your way through your dialogue, move your right hand or finger away to emphasize a point, then return it to home base (the finger tip steeple). Then move your left hand away, then return to home base. Then for large emphasis move both hands away and return both hands to steeple. Plan out your movements line by line if it's looking too repetitive or you have a client who needs that much structure. It enables the talent/client the ability to relax, knowing what the hands will be doing, so he/she can focus on the message.

It's similar to learning a dance. You get smoother the more you practise and the more confident you get.

Here is a commercial we shot recently with the client, Darryl Hayashi, using this technique. Darryl has a marvelous, natural way of expressing himself and is extremely likable in person, but his on camera technique was a bit stiff. His first go round had his hands pretty much at attention and he self critiqued it as looking like a school boy. After working with him on the Steeple approach, the end result was much more pleasing.

And to finish off, a very unique piece of creative that came out this week from Delta Faucets. Fun, catchy music with the star being, of course, hands.

Have a great weekend!

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