Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Better on camera or in person demonstrations - what to do with your hands

We all are faced with the periodic challenge of making presentations. Or even worse, an on camera presentation that will be recorded for posterity and haunt you at every turn through the ages. This inevitably happens to everyone. When shooting commercials we have encountered clients who want to be their own spokesperson for their products. They speak well, and no their message better than anyone; but they feel awkward with the idea of moving about on camera and determining what to do with their hands.
This led to the development of what we call the 3 Point Steeple Technique. You put your hands in front of you about chest level, and touch your finger tips. As you work your way through your dialogue, move your right hand or finger away to emphasize a point, then return it to home base (the finger tip steeple). Then move your left hand away, then return to home base. Then for large emphasis move both hands away and return both hands to steeple. Plan out your movements line by line if it's looking too repetitive or you have a client who needs that much structure. It enables the talent/client the ability to relax, knowing what the hands will be doing, so he/she can focus on the message.

Media news today - Chicago Tribune Syndicate has filed for bankruptcy protection and put the Chicago Cubs on the for sale block.

Tomorrow - 3D movies in your home?

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