Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tech Tuesdays

Look out Apple and Blackberry - the HTC is coming.
The HTC Hero, a Google android device was confirmed by HTC and Sprint for release in the U.S. on Saturday October 11th. Specs include a 528-MHz Qualcomm processor, 3.2-inch, 320x480 capacitive multitouch screen, Wi-Fi, GPS, support for MS Exchange Push Email, and HTCs widget-heavy Sense UI running atop the standard Android OS.

Books online - A good thing?

Librarians call it the 20th-century black hole. The overwhelming force is not gravity but copyright law, sucking our collective culture into a vortex from which it can never escape.

That culture includes millions of books Google wants to make available online. But many are concerned. The European Commission will hold hearings, while a US judge has extended the deadline for objections to a proposed US legal settlement.

Tomorrow on Web Wednesdays - 20 effective tips for better web design.

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