Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google Paper? The daily news courtesy of Google.

Some might compare Google to a five year old boy. Having to have their fingers in everything in the kitchen. Daily newspapers are no exception. Google is beginning talks with various dailies to use their content and create a digital version of their papers - with a flipping motion to somewhat mimic the feel of reading a real newspaper. There will come a time in which we'll probably say "Remember when the paper actually came as a paper and you could laze around with it on a Saturday morning, and then use it to line the bird cage?" Talks are ongoing with Google and the dailies.

Other news - CBC is checking its pockets for spare change. More than 300,000 Canadians in remote and rural areas could be cut off from CBC TV in two years, because the broadcaster doesn’t have the money to convert its signals to digital from analog.

August 2011 is the deadline for the switch to digital broadcast technology, but the CBC doesn’t have the cash to continue the conversion process, corporation president Hubert Lacroix told the company’s annual general meeting Wednesday.

It has managed to switch over only eight of its 600 transmission towers, covering about half its potential audience.

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