Friday, September 4, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays The Beatles are Back

Welcome to Creative Excellence Fridays. The Film Fest phone lines were completely overwhelmed when tickets went on sale at 7am this morning. That indicates it will be another hugely successful film fest in Toronto this year. It also indicates that I'll be in standby lines once again; all part of the fun I guess.

First up on our tribute to creativity, a commercial a lot of people are talking about. It's one of those commercials that industry people look at in slow motion, or hit start and stop on their media players to try and figure out how it was done. The full motion recreation of the famous Beatles Abbey Road walk across the street, was it double doubles? Was it all recreated in 3D? Or both. Or both would be the more likely answer. The spot promotes the Xbox launch of the Beatles. Enjoy.

Next up - just like the film festival, we like to pay tribute to creative excellence from around the world.

The level of sophistocation that can be breathed into 3D animation has become quite remarkable. Lucchetti soups are a spanish brand that has used a series of 3D animated commercials to build warmth and humour around their brand. This is just one from the collection.

And one more in the series.

Starting on Monday on the daily blog we're starting a feature on the nuts and bolts of landing pages. Combining creativity and mechanics. Is yours driving traffic and conversions?

As always, we welcome your comments.

Have a great weekend. And in Canada, have a great long weekend!
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