Monday, August 24, 2009

Top Ten shows last week

Inglourious Basterds dominated the North American box office in its' first weekend with 37 million at the gate. It is no Pulp Fiction, but a definite not to miss.

On the tube here is what people in Canada are watching on the major networks as of 8am this morning.

Here are the top 10 English television programs in Canada, with viewer numbers, for the week of Aug. 10-16 according to BBM Nielsen Media Research:

1 C.S.I. (CTV, Thursday)–1,306,000

2 Law and Order: CI (CTV, Monday)–1,282,000

3 Big Brother 11 (Global, Tuesday)–1,135,000

4 Big Brother 11 (Global, Thursday)–1,107,000

5 CTV Evening News (CTV, Monday-Friday)–1,053,000

6 So You Think You Can Dance Canada (CTV, Tuesday-Wednesday)–1,032,000

7 C.S.I. New York (CTV, Wednesday)–1,018,000

8 Big Brother 11 (Global, Sunday)–1,014,000

9 The Listener (CTV, Thursday)–894,000

10 NCIS (Global, Tuesday)–856,000

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