Monday, August 17, 2009

The Mad Future of Television

Madmen Mania continues with the debut of season three last night on AMC network in the United States and on CTV to follow in Canada.
The series has a multimillion dollar promotion campaign behind it including a Banana Republic contest to win a walk on part in an episode. Fashion and trends are also being influenced by the show Madmen

Is this a win win for the ad world? Yes, however there are many who are concerned about the legions of viewers, mostly the more tech savy ones however, who are usurping the network delivery mechanism and simply downloading the show at their convenience from Itunes, or for free through peer sharing sites. Producers are wondering how, not that far down the road, they'll be able to continue to secure the budgets and revenues from networks that will have a more difficult time convincing advertisers to buy into a shrinking audience.

It may take the cunning of Don Draper to figure out more innovative ways to continue keeping the revenue machines churning.

And to follow up on Friday's viral posting, an article from Ad Age on why Britain's virals seem to be so successful.

Britain Virals

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