Monday, August 31, 2009

Email protocol

Email is a necessity of business today. And even though it has been around for more than ten years, we still commit some email faux pas. Here are the top 5 email faux pas.
1.Sending an email angry. Always wait at least an hour before punching the send button and think about the repercussions.

2.Remember that emails don't have inflection. Think about the wording of your email. Will it come off sounding harsh? Sarcasm doesn't always read well.

3.Be absolutely sure your recipient list is the intended person or persons. When you type Bob into the recipient address your email program will likely pull up the first Bob in the address book, not the Bob you intended to send that extremely poor taste joke to.

4.Keep your virus protection up to date. You thought the kid who brought lice to school in grade two was unpopular; just try sending a virus out to 10 of your favourite people.

5.Less is more. If you send out dozens of emails a day, and they aren't essential communication, people will start to ignore or deprioritize your emails. This could result in disaster when the one essential email is missed.

Oh ...and the bonus tip.
6.Always save important emails. You never know when you'll be drawn into a game of he said she said.

Here is a great article on executive email protocol. Enjoy!
Executive communications

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