Monday, July 20, 2009

Google grows up

From ...Google has a reputation for throwing money at a range of impractical-sounding projects and showering employees with perks, but this year the company cut costs so deeply that they managed to boost profits 19% despite a meager 3% increase in revenues. Robert Cyran notes the change comes even though the company has a huge reserve of cash, perhaps signaling that there comes a time in every tech company's life when it has to shed its Silicon Valley vibe and get down to business.

NEW YORK ( -- The digital chaos that has upended the music marketing business appears to be creating dramatic new opportunities for music publishers. In the past, those companies have been tightly focused on owning and licensing song rights, while record companies have controlled the recording and product distribution business. But no more. Los Angeles-based Bug Music, which owns more than 250,000 songs, spent the last three years reorganizing itself as recording studio and music marketer competing directly against those record companies.


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