Friday, July 31, 2009

Creative Excellence Fridays - Lotech is hitech

Happy Friday all. Today Creative Excellence Fridays looks at a commercial that was designed to look lo-tech. It's a trend today to make commercials look "viral", meaning appear as though they were shot on a hand held inexpensive camera, with inferior lighting. The objective is to present a non slick, guerilla, renegade brand around the subject matter and appeal to the masses who feel advertising and the conventional delivery methods are too "corporate".

This commercial was done by Euro RSCG C&O for the French postal system.

Next, a pure viral piece. What does "pure" mean? There is no direct sponsor or advertiser connected to this piece. This illustrates the inspiration for many of the larger corporate viral influences. See if you can figure out how they did it.

Now, the explanation. A simple technique that has been done for years with a little edit twist.

It's not exactly the Cadbury secret, but interesting just the same.

Next week, more coverage of the implications of the Yahoo Bing "alliance".

Have a great weekend. And for our Canadian readers, a great long weekend.

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