Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Old school meets new school

I was at St Lawrence Market on Saturday morning and two fresh faced 20 somethings approached me and asked if I'd like a free sample of Frank's RedHot sauce. I'm a fan so of course I said yes. The tiny bottle came with a hand out card that talks about a contest on Facebook. I thought, this is refreshing. Old school real live people with upbeat positive attitudes making the first impression, then I have the option of going digital and texting or going to facebook to enter the contest.

TV Buzz.
Conan made his debut on the Tonite Show last night. Lots of bits. His old sidekick Andy Richter is back. It appears like those two will need some time to get their old rhythym back. Will Ferrell was the first guest and Pearl Jam was the first musical guest. Not a bad first night.

General Motors announced bankruptcy protection yesterday. And today is being proclaimed as day 1 of the New GM. Here is one of the commercials relaunching General Motors.

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